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1. I use my FLASKE during my (hot) yoga classes. The FLASKE keeps my drinks cold for 24 hours! I am happy I support FLASKE’s mission to reduce the single use of plastics.

2. I bought this FLASKE because 10% is donated to charity. Now that I’m using it, I get a lot of compliments! People love the design and the rubber really is a nice finish.

3. FLASKE has got a timeless design. I got my FLASKE from my husband as a gift. Since I recently gave birth to my second son, my husband and I felt that the BPA-free materials used for the FLASKE are perfect for our household. Also, the FLASKE is the perfect bottle to keep the milk for my baby at the right temperature.

4. I use it for traveling. Eco-friendly bottle, fits well in the side pockets of my backpack and keeps the drinks cold for a long time. I like to flash pack, and the design of this bottle fits great with this.

5. I use my FLASKE for work. I’ve got two bottles; in the morning I use my FLASKE Stone for coffee, while I use my FLASKE Sunrise for sports and leisure. They fit perfectly in my cupholders so they’re easy to use and transport. Awesome design and a great initiative.

6. I stumbled on these great bottles via social media. Bought three FLASKEs for my daughters right away. They all have the FLASKE Pearl and are really happy with them. They use them wherever they go.

7. I recently bought a FLASKE for myself after seeing it at My son and daughter were so surprised with the great design, now they both want one themselves!