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Promote your brand, surprise your employees and impress customers. FLASKE is the stylish bottle with a sustainable character.



    ○ Laser engraving or logo printing in two Pantone colors of your choice.

    ○ Logo size is at:
    - 260 ml (50mm x 50mm)
    - 500ml (50mm x 90mm)
    - 750ml (50mm x 120 mm).

    ○ The co-brand logo is on the other side of the FLASKE logo.

    ○ Free shipping within the Netherlands.


    ○ All logos must be delivered in .ai or epc format.

    ○ Once the sample is approved, before we get started with your order, you must make a pre-payment.

    ○ Minimum purchase is 50 FLASKEs.

    ○ Discount is valid from 100 FLASKEs.

    ○ Standard delivery time is 3 to 4 weeks from the date the pre-payment has been paid.

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