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Stylish & sustainable

"I was shocked by the amount of plastic waste floating in the ocean."

During my travels in South America, I visited what I thought would be a stunning beach in Ecuador but instead I was shocked by the amount of plastic on the beach and in the nearby sea. That moment was my rough wake-up call! I needed to radically change my lifestyle and I wanted to encourage others to join me on this endeavour! This is a small step in that big mission of change. The change we all want and need. 

Back home in The Netherlands, my mission began with sustainable bottles, but on the beaches and in the oceans, there are many other plastic waste products. Many of them we use daily. It was clear more action on my part was needed! That is why I expanded my brand with more everyday products without everyday waste.
By changing people’s daily habits and lifestyles, we come closer to a world in which we don’t have unnecessary plastic waste.

Flaske Supports

One FLASKE prevents an average of 167 plastic bottles from polluting the earth every year. Each time you reach for a FLASKE instead of a plastic bottle, you send a message: no more plastic bottles.
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