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Small everyday steps to help the environment

Small everyday steps to help the environment

  • Ruben Peters

Small everyday steps to help the environment

The people who make the biggest difference do the smallest things consistently.

Below you will find 4 small improvements that you can implement every day to reduce plastic-waste.

  1. Use a stainless steel reusable cup or reusable water bottle. To top it all off, fill your sustainable water cup or sustainable water bottle with tapwater.
  2. Buy your fruit and vegetables separately. The solution for this is to bring your own reusable fruit and vegetable bags from home. We offer this in our shop from next week! Can't wait? Then look at the following improvement.
  3. Take your own reusable tote-bag to the supermarket or store. This takes some effort to get used to this, but after a few times you will really miss your own carrying bag. And you feel guilty when you have to buy that plastic bag that you only use once.
  4. Trade in as many bathroom products as possible for sustainable bamboo products such as a bamboo toothbrush, bamboo hair comb and/ or animal-friendly make-up brushes. The bamboo toothbrush will also be available soon at FLASKE.

Start small, dream big!

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