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About us

FLASKE is a Dutch brand that was founded in 2016 by myself, Ruben. I currently live in Utrecht but, as you can see on the photo, traveling is my passion.

During my travels, I felt I was constantly missing something. During my travels in the Amazon, the desert and my expedition to Machu Picchu, it was a cold drink that I missed and that I longed for. When I climbed the top of the Cotopaxi volcano and skied through the cold Swiss Alps, it was a hot drink that was missing!

There had to be a new solution for the adventurer, the athlete, the design-freak, for the days out, for the parties and business meetings. A bottle that you prefer to put on the table than you put it away.

Then I came up with the FLASKE.

FLASKE keeps your drink cold for 24 hours and warms for 12 hours. Because of the unique, stylish design in different colors, the bottle has the right look on almost every occasion.

In addition, FLASKE is a product with a sustainable character. As a passionate traveler, I want to commit myself to a better approach to the environment. By using the FLASKE you reduce the one-time use of plastic and in this way you make a valuable contribution to the preservation of our beautiful nature. But the social mission of FLASKE goes even further. When purchasing a FLASKE, 10% is donated to UNICEF for cleaner drinking water.

Curious about what the acquisition of FLASKE can accomplish and what UNICEF can achieve with your donation?

One FLASKE: one water container
Two FLASKE: 1 year of clean drinking water for a child
Four FLASKE: Water / Hygiene Kit for a whole family

FLASKE, every drop counts!



3 reasons why FLASKE is the perfect gadget you need:

  • FLASKE has been specially developed to keep drinks at the right temperature for as long as possible. The vacuum-sealed technology in this double-walled stainless steel FLASKE will keep your beverage cold for 24 hours, or warm for 12 hours.
  • FLASKE is very user-friendly because of the smart design. It is comfortable in hand and takes up little space. You can easily take the FLASKE everywhere you go!
  • FLASKE is much more than just a sustainable thermos, with FLASKE you contribute to a better world!

10% will be donated to UNICEF!