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FLASKE, for any occasion

FLASKE bottle is the best stainless steel bottle you can wish for. The FLASKE team is happy to share this premium quality bottle with you:

This 500 ml FLASKE bottle keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

Due to the triple walled exterior condensation is history!

The FLASKE bottle is eco-friendly, contains no toxic and is BPA-free.

FLASKE developed a non-leaching bottle which fits perfectly in your bag or cupholder.

FLASKE’s mission is to reduce the single use of plastics. Stop waisting the environment and order your FLASKE bottle.

10% of FLASKE’s sales will be donated to UNICEF for clean water projects.

The FLASKE bottle is perfect for any occasion. It doesn’t matter if you like to sport, work, travel or relax. The FLASKE bottle is the gadget you want!

Free shipping in the Netherlands.

Capture your FLASKE bottle, share with others, be kind to the planet and enjoy life!

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3 reasons why the FLASKE bottle is the perfect gadget you need:

1. Whether your drink is hot or cold, FLASKE keeps it that way. The vacuum-sealed technology in this triple-wall stainless steel FLASKE will keep your drink cold for an entire 24 hours, or hot for 12 hours. That’s right, your water will stay cold for an entire day…or your coffee will remain hot longer than your work day.

2. A bottle should fit where it needs to go! We developed the FLASKE to fit comfortably in your hand, bags and cupholders so that it performs everywhere your life takes you.

3. 10% of FLASKE’s Sales will be donated to UNICEF for charity projects. You do not only buy your favorite FLASKE bottle but you also contribute to a better life for others.

I use my FLASKE during my (hot) yoga classes. The FLASKE keeps my drinks cold for 24 hours! I am happy I support FLASKE’s mission to reduce the single use of plastics.

I bought this FLASKE because 10% is donated to charity. Now that I’m using it, I get a lot of compliments! People love the design and the rubber really is a nice finish.

I use it for traveling. Eco-friendly bottle, fits well in the side pockets of my backpack and keeps the drinks cold for a long time. I like to flash pack, and the design of this bottle fits great with this.